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With the abundance of acne remedies on the market, its difficult to know which acne treatment to use. Acne is your guide to information about different pimple remedies , advice on acne prevention measures, guidelines on the different types of acne treatments and what type of specialised acne treatments exist.

Current medical research indicates that what works for one person might not work for another. Effective acne elimination requires finding a product that works. Before choosing a product it is wise to consider the types of lesions, co-existing conditions, the patients age, skin type, lifestyle and motivation. Adult acne products might not be the best acne solution if your a teenager.

Acne cleansers

Acne cleansers play an important role in any acne skin care regimen. Maintaining an acne free complexion requires a balanced approach to acne prevention and acne treatment. It is therefore essential to consider acne cleansers to help eliminate oily build up and prepare the skin for further acne treatment. This applies irrespective or age and is an important part of maintaining a pimple free

Natural acne remedies
Natural acne remedies have many beneficial properties that can be used to treat, clear and get rid of acne irritations and outbreaks. Essential oils are often key ingredients in natural acne products. Some oils have natural anti-bacterial properties whilst others help clear, eliminate and soothe acne affected areas. Natural acne products are an alternative approach to treating acne without the need to resort to heavier alcohol based, over the counter acne creams or prescribed acne products that can dry out and irritate your skin.

Acne home remedies
Aromatherapy essential oils can be used selectively or in blended combinations as an acne home remedy. This section of the site introduces some of the available oils and provides background information of the beneficial properties of these products.

Herbal Acne remedies
A more holistic approach to treating acne is to use acne herbal remedies. By eliminating body toxins, herbal solutions build and strengthen the body by ridding the body of unwanted acne causing toxins and bacteria's. Herbal remedies attack the source of the problem, detoxifying your body allowing it to heal and repair your skin. Enhancing the bodies essential systems is a great way to eliminate bacteria
producing toxins with the added fringe benefit of strengthening the bodies immune system at the same time.

Acne treatment medication

Acne treatment medication is readily available over the counter at your local chemist or can be purchased online. Getting rid of acne requires the selection of an acne product that's suitable for your condition. If you've tried natural acne remedies and herbal acne remedies and they have not produced the desired results, other forms of acne medication are available to treat your condition. Whether your looking for an over the counter cream or a heavier prescribed acne medication, a solution exists for you.

Acne Scars
There are different types of acne scars that result from excessive tissue reproduction or loss of tissue. This section introduces the most common types of acne scars. Treatment options for the different forms of acne scars are determined by a dermatologist and assessed against the severity of the condition.

Acne scar treatment
Acne scar treatments vary in procedure and cost. This section introduces some common acne scar treatments and provides some background information about the procedures and presents a cost estimation the acne patient is likely to incur.

Adult acne
Adult acne affects most people sometime during their life. In most cases, it's just a simple pimple or zit and not an ongoing problem. Adults who have more severe conditions can seek specialised treatment tailored by a specialist to suit their condition and skin complexion.

Best acne solution
Acne is something that most people will encounter through their lives in some form or another. Whether your an adult looking for acne remedies and products or a teenager, finding the best acne solution is a combination of effective prevention, maintenance and treatment. Unfortunately, getting rid of acne can involve some trial and error until a person finds the solution that works for them. Educating yourself on the range of alternatives available and seeking appropriate specialist acne advice when needed is the best way to tackle the problem.

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