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Essential oils are at the top of the list when it comes to acne home remedies. As a homemade pimple treatment, oils can be applied in full strength, topically, to the affected area or in a diluted format. Dilution occurs when full strength oils are infused in a carrier oil such as grape seed oil or sweet almond oil. When applying oils as a homemade pimple remedy, dilution reduces the strength and minimizes the chance of skin burning or irritation. Generally, the more sensitive your skin the more you should dilute the oil.

Essential oils, used as an acne home remedy, have different properties and application. Tea Tree oil is traditionally known as an anti-bacterial, anti-septic and anti-viral agent. It is an effective acne home remedy for zits, reducing and killing bacteria, for wound treatment and as a stimulant for healing. This oil is great to have in your medicine cabinet or to take on overseas trips as an anti-septic agent. If your using it to clean and heal acne affected areas, be sure to check the strength of the oil and use carrier oils to assist in skin absorption and to reduce the chance that skin irritation or burning will occur.

Other oils that can be used as home remedies for pimples and zits or in essential oil home remedy blends are sandalwood, bergamot, clove oil, lavender, ylang ylang, bay, manuka, and geranium. Sandalwood is great for balancing dry and oily skin and bergamot has anti-infectious and anti-bacterial properties, also doubling up as a tonic. Clove oil is heavily concentrated and can be used in spot treatments but with great caution due to its strength. If you use this oil it is wise to consider dilution and application in moderate doses.

Lavender is traditionally known for its antibacterial, soothing, anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, calming and tonic properties. It is used to prevent acne breakouts and to treat skin irritation or redness. When used in conjunction with Rosewood oil, it can be an effective acne home remedy for limiting breakouts from oily skin. Ylang ylang has balancing properties, bay assists the skin to heal and geranium is used as a tonic astringent, anti-bacterial and anti-infectious agent. These oils can be effectively used in essential oil blends as a home remedy for pimple and sit spot treatment. Manuka is heavy duty oil that is reported to be 20 times more effective than Tea Tree oil. It is not widely known oil and it is strongly advised that users avoid prolonged use undiluted on the skin and used cautiously. If you like natural therapeutic benefits of natural acne products, you might find acne herbal remedies to be option to consider.

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