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There are several forms of acne scar treatments. Some of the common types of acne scar treatment, the cost of the procedure and background information on how the acne scar removal treatment is carried out is discussed below:

Acne scar treatment - Dermabrasion: This is a procedure to remove scars left from acne. It is a carefully controlled surgical scraping procedure (sanding) that works on the top layers of the skin to give it a smoother appearance and to remove adverse disconfiguration caused by acne. The cost of the basic procedure is between $1200 - $1600. Depending on where the procedure is carried out, and how much of your facial area needs treatment, the cost can be more, particularly if there are other costs involved to cover the operating room facility, anesthesia, and hospital stay. The recovery period is usually 7-10 days but can vary if additional treatment is needed.

Acne scar treatment - Laser Resurfacing: This procedure involves scanning a laser beam over the skin to eliminate the fine layer of the skin containing the acne scarring whilst preserving the skins underlying tissue. The body's natural healing stimulates collagen production creating new replacement layers of smoother and healthier skin. This procedure can be applied to the entire facial region or to isolated areas. There are currently two types of laser treatments being used: the Ultrapulse CO2 and the Erbium laser which can be used individually or together depending on the depth, age and severity of the acne. These treatments are effective for younger patients and for older conditions that may involve deeper scarring. Cost estimates for this type of acne scar treatments range form $1000 - $3000 plus.

Acne scar treatment - Chemical peels: Chemical peel acne treatment involves the use of a chemical solution (phenol, trichloroacetic acid, and alphadroxy acid) to remove the damaged outer layers of the skin disfigured by acne scarring. This is a topical approach to acne scar treatment and it may be necessary to undergo several treatments to get the desired results. The cost structure varies depending on the type of treatment required. The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic surgery estimates that average cost to be $800. Milder treatments are cheaper but acne scar treatment chemical peels to target deeper affected areas can start at $2,500.

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