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Acne scars occur when a pimple or acne affected area becomes inflamed or fails to heal properly. Acne facial scar formation can be end result of increased tissue formation or a by product of the loss of tissue. Acne scars that occur from increased tissue formation are the result of excessive amounts of collagen production and connective tissue cell multiplication. When an imbalance between the rate of replication of the fibroblasts (connective tissue) and skin cells occurs, a large build up of dense fibrous tissue forms creating a scar.

Scars that result form loss of tissue come in different forms. "Ice pick scars" have a pit like appearance and usually appear on the side of the cheek. They can be shallow and or deep in appearance and the treatment options depend on whether the skin is soft or hardened in appearance. These type of scars are more common than scars that occur from increased tissue formation.

Boxcar scars are similar to 'chicken pox' scars, are angular in appearance and usually occur on the temple and cheeks. These type of scars can vary in severity and the treatment options depend on how deep they are.

Rolling (softly indented scars), caused by abnormal fibrous bands may require specialized treatment to break up the scar tissue underneath the depression.

Additional information on acne scars, how to treat acne scars, and how to reduce acne scars is available in the acne scar treatments section of this website.

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