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Adult acne affects a high percentage of the adult population but in varying degrees of severity. In most cases of adult acne, it's an isolated spot or occurrence that may appear and then disappear after the spot heals. It is not an ongoing concern.

Adult acne skin care treatments for acne afflictions depend on the severity of the case. Your best precaution to prevent adult acne is to use skin care products to keep your skin clean by washing your face and body regularly. You can use an acne cleanser on your face as an alternative to conventional soaps which can dry out and irritate your skin.

If your looking for direct acne skin treatments to minimise adult acne then it is recommended you consult with your local chemist for a range of over the counter products or seek the advice of your dermatologist, particularly, if your looking for heavier adult acne medication treatments or appropriate acne creams. This is most important if you are pregnant or on other forms of medication. By seeking appropriate medical advice you can get an expert medical opinion tailored to suit you condition, lifestyle and skin condition. This is the best way to find a personal adult acne solution. You can also check the acne home remedies section of this site to become better informed about the range of essential oils that can be used to help treat and prevent acne.

Acne scarring, however, is an affliction that affects adults and results when acne spots become inflamed, infected, or exacerbated and don't heal properly. If you suffer from adult acne scars, then information is presented in the acne scar treatment section of this website about the range of acne scar treatment alternatives.

Determining the best acne solution is a combination of prevention and treatment.

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